carbon steel flange fused oil level sight glass

Flange fused metal sight glass,Metal Sight glass,Flange Sight windows,
Flange window sights
Used widely to observe the liquid medium inside of refrigeration machine, 
compressor and various machine. 
Technical Date: 
1.Working pressure: 2.5, 4.0Mpa. 
2.Working temperature:  -40℃~200℃.
3. Temperature Assaults Date:  -40℃~180℃.
A. Flat flange sight glass
B.Convex glass flange sight glass(Flat gasket for sealing)
C.Convax glasss flange sight glass(O-Rring for sealing)

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Flange fused metal sight glass,Metal Sight glass,Flange Sight windows,Flange window sights

Used widely to observe the liquid medium inside of refrigeration machine, compressor and various machine. 
Technical Date: 
1.Working pressure: 2.5, 4.0Mpa. 
2.Working temperature:  -40℃~200℃.
3. Temperature Assaults Date:  -40℃~180℃.
A. Flat flange sight glass
B.Convex glass flange sight glass(Flat gasket for sealing)
C.Convax glasss flange sight glass(O-Rring for sealing)
Our products are provided with simple structure, novel appearance, high airproof, well poressure, good anti-cold concussion, marked clearly in the indication of liquid location etc characters, and favor of the spacious domestic and overseas air compressor producer deeply.