Air compressor oil level guage visual sight glass

Threaded Fused Window Sights,Fused Sight Glass,
Fused level sight gauge,Fused Sight windows,Metal Sight Glass

Service: Compatible gases and liquids.    

Window: nature glass (3mm to 6mm)

Body: Nickel Plated steet,stainless steel 304 and S.S 316 

Reflector:  S.S 304  Customers can chosed Plastic float
 Ball for oil or other liquid.

Temperature: -30'C to 260 'C (500 ‘F).

Max Pressure: 12 MPa(1740Psi)
Connections: NPT,NPTF,UNC,UNF,Metric and BSP (G thread)

Size: 1/4" to 2"

Usage:  refrigeration machine, compressor,Hydraulic reservoir,
Power Transimission and various machine.

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Threaded Fused Window Sights,Fused Sight Glass,Fused level sight gauge,Fused Sight windows,Metal Sight Glass


Service: Compatible gases and liquids.    

Window: nature glass (3mm to 6mm)

Body: Nickel Plated steet,stainless steel 304 and S.S 316 

Reflector:  S.S 304  Customers can chosed Plastic float Ball for oil or other liquid.

Temperature: -30'C to 260 'C (500 ‘F).

Max Pressure: 12 MPa(1740Psi)

Connections: NPT,NPTF,UNC,UNF,Metric and BSP (G thread)

Size: 1/4" to 2"

Usage:  refrigeration machine, compressor,Hydraulic reservoir,Power Transimission and various machine.