Custom parts Auto and Truck Radiator Parts

Auto and Truck Radiator Parts

Radiator Coolant Filler Necks & Cap


1. Material: SUS304,Steel,aluminum and brass.
2.Main area used: Various brands of car,truck,etc.

3.Withstand Max Pressure: 0.6MPa,0.9MPa and 1.1MPa
4.All goods are strictly monitored and inspected from production to delivery.
5.Transportation: Container Freight & International Multimodal Transport
6.Packing: General exporting package or according to customers' requirements.

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Auto and Truck Radiator Parts

Radiator Coolant Filler Necks & Cap


1. Material: SUS304,Steel,aluminum and brass.
2.Main area used: Various brands of car,truck,etc.

3.Withstand Max Pressure: 0.6MPa,0.9MPa and 1.1MPa
4.All goods are strictly monitored and inspected from production to delivery.
5.Transportation: Container Freight & International Multimodal Transport
6.Packing: General exporting package or according to customers' requirements.