Top quality sight glass supppler from China Grand Hardware Mfg Co.,Ltd

GrandMfg® Liquid level sight glass window gauge indicator

GrandMfg® sight glasses allowed directly to see the liquid or oil within industrial pipes systems,tanks, and vessels etc. These sights have a glass window. Screw them into threaded holes on tanks, gear cases,gear unit, bearing housings, blower,pump and mixers to see inside liquid level. 

Custom safety sight glasses can be designed to meet your exact specifications with different thread size and thread type. No thread for press fitting or welding is also no problem.

Application:Pump,Receivers,Tanks,Gearbox,Speed reducer,Worm gearbox, helical gear boxes, variable speed motor, automotive Worm gearboxes,Compressor,blower,Gear unit and Power Transmission. 

Advantages of our Sight Glass: 

1) Tempered Glass is better than a polypropylene glass

Withstand higher temperature and never age and color change.

Natural glass Will not be corroded and will not chemically react with various oils and various liquids.So our sight glass an have the same life time with your requirements even more long life time than the equipment.

2) Max dimensions of sight window of each size.

We design all of GrandMfg sight glasses to have a max sight window for viewing.It is very important for you to see clear inside especially when choose the small size.

3) different metal material body of sight glass

Metal body is more stronger and better metal perform to meet different working condition.Customer can choose the right metal sight glass for their application.

a) Brass HPb57-3 or other brass free of lead.GrandMfg® Brass Sight Glass

b) Aluminum 6061-T6 

c) Stainless steel 304 /316

d) Steel plated(Zinc plated,Nickel plated or chrome plated)

4) Stainless steel 304 Reflector / the same material of the body as a whole.

It is easy to see the color of oil or liquid and view the level of liquid inside of the the housing of the devices. Stainless steel 304 reflector have a prefect function in corrosion resistant, never age and color change.

5) Ball indicator inside of our sight glass.

Ball indicator for easier viewing at a distance and the liquid level of the sight glass.We will offer different color ball to meet your liquid color. Make sure the liquid inside is easy to view even in a dark light.